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To be an enabler of education transformation and creator of software that matters to the educators, educated and industry.


Create industry relevant knowledge and skill capability. Provide experiential learning on emerging technologies and their application to business. Enhance employability through interplay of education providers and industry players by engaging on path breaking technological tools.

A few words from our founder

It all started with a dream! A cliche, right? Still, really it all started with a dream! But the dream fuelled by the experiences. The founder of our company was working at various levels in the IT industry for decades. The most daunting task, the most painful experience was to find Round Pegs that fit into Square Holes!!
It has always been the Story, the story of people! The story of peoples’ ambitions on one hand and the capabilities on the other. The young generation after burning out their youth and may be hard earned money of their parents or sponsors or taking loans, dream! They dream of a very fulfilling employment which befits their education levels. They dream of a beginning of a fruitful career. They dream of going places, figuratively and literally.

The dream of young educated people gets shattered right after they complete their education, as their dream jobs will elude them and many a times don’t find jobs at all. Even once they join the jobs, they find themselves at odds as what they learnt and what they do – fit together like Chalk and Cheese! Hence, their dream gets shattered and they get disillusioned. The agony does not start and stop with the youth. It is the pain and agony of employers. They not only have to hire dreaming minds, but ensure that they are not broken, they are retrained and reskilled and invest heavily on the resources.

The founder of Pheme Software was one of those employers who had to hire large number of young students from colleges and train them for years before making them productive. The heartburn the new employees had on one hand and the pain of deadlines of the projects and the cost management pains of the employer on the other made life a tight walking rope for the founder!!

This is when the dream was born, the dream that was to ensure the dreams of lakhs of youth is realized, the dream that made life easier for employer and the dream that enriches, empowers the students to be employed in real sense once they complete their studies. With this dream, the Pheme Software took birth in 2013. We identified the Gaps, the gaps between the dynamic technical education on one hand and the industry adaptation of technology and usage of the same on the other. We resolved that we would work like enablers for the reformation of education, focussed on the higher education. Hence the journey began!

Since then, we have walked a long way, from a beginning of finding our roots, we have grown to be one of the premier partners of the best of IT companies of world, IBM, and with them, jointly we have been instrumental in brining large amounts of industry relevant, emerging technology driven content to the higher education. Have been able to positively impact large number of students to live their dreams. The universities and students have benefited alike from these initiatives. We have been able to create software applications, tools and labs both physical and on cloud which has resulted in the students getting connected to the industry subject matter experts and acquire skills through experiential learning that matters to industry.

We welcome you to browse through the rest of the pages of the website, which unfolds the story as it is developing today and welcome you to be a part of this story. Come get immersed in the story, the story of dreams of millions of youth, the story of creating right kind of skilled people to match the right kind of jobs, the story of shaping diamonds!

- Nagesh S. Belur

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Capability to establish the CoE (Centre of Excellence). We also provide training services for corporates and educational institutes. 


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