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Rich Content Development

With a resolution to work as enablers for the reformation of education, we have been instrumental in bringing large amounts of industryrelevant emerging technologydriven content to higher education. The major domains of content development include: 

Content Development

The content development process involves curriculum development by considering industry and academic viewpoints. The developed curriculum will reduce the gap between the industry and academics by ensuring the content will contain more application-driven knowledge dissemination. The content created will be aligned with the IT industry. The courseware is developed by a team of industry veterans and Subject matter experts to ensure content relevancy. The relevant factors considered in the content are: Relevant to the objective of the course; Relevant to the Industry; Relevant to the latest developments in technology; Relevant to the student in terms of increasing his capability to engage in gainful employment. Every subject developed is supported by a lab on the cloud, which gives rich experiential learning on the various tools used in the industry. The lab exercises include industry scenarios to be implemented, which orients the students to focus on project work.

Quality Assurance

The intra functional review mechanism ensures the content is plagiarism free, has good readability, relevant to the objective of the content and maps with the curriculum.

The technical review is conducted to ensure the content meets the global standards, covers latest changes in the technology as well as industry, and provides more experiential learning.