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This disruption that the new emerging technologies are creating in the industry scenario has resulted in a “Big Skill Gap”. Industry and education providers must collaborate to offer a significant curriculum, right training of skills, enhance the job opportunities and gain the hands-on experiential learning quotient in education.

To support and extend the solution, Center of Excellence for various skill development focus areas is the need of the hour. The primary aim of any premier education institution is to create capability amongst students to become successful by adopting latest technologies and acquires skills that enable them to help the enterprises to reach goals efficiently.

Center of Excellence (CoE) is a key component of success in this direction. CoEs provide a focal point for knowledge management, with the overall goal being the ability to capture new knowledge and practices from inside and outside of the business.

Systems Center of Excellence (SCoE) offering provides a platform to increase the capability in skills which not only increases employability but also promotes entrepreneurship and innovation.

SCoE offering comes with an infrastructure layer required to setup the SCoEThe tools and software relevant to the emerging technologies are preconfigured into the infrastructure of the SCoE.

Globally recognized certification programs with the structured skill training, rich content, industry relevant labs enhances the competency of users.Excellence by promoting research and innovation can be achieved by the academic institutions by using the SCoE framework.