“Studies have identified a significant 'skills gap' between what students are currently being taught and the skills employers are seeking in today's global economy. Our children must be better prepared than they are now to meet the future challenges of our ever-changing world” - Stephen Covey


Pheme Software is an eduTech company founded in 2013 by an industry veteran with 35+ years of experience. Phemesoft is a Start-up India company, an MSME focusing on creating educational software, content, and delivery. We are the premier partner of IBM and one of the Microsoft sales partners.


Technology and Industry Subject Content


Hours of Training Conducted on the latest technology tools


Emerging Technology and Industry areas covered


SME/Industry experts empanelled

Our Products

Knowbots is a powerful, scalable, and secure LMS (Learning Management System) solution that will work on any platform. Knowbots provides a Virtual Learning Environment and can be used as the digital learning asset’s central content repository and gateway.

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Vconnect is a platform to connect industry experts/Academicians for corporate training. It creates a direct connection to the trainer and gives much insight into the training.


I-Labs is a Cloud-based Virtual Lab Environment Solution providing the students and teachers the capability to perform labs, store results, evaluate the work and grade the work at their convenience on their own devices at their location and time.

SOLAR is a centralized repository for learning materials. It can be connected to any Learning management system for sharing content. It has version management to keep track of the materials, and the workflow can be customized.

Smartbots begin with an understanding that learning is not uniform but unique. It aims at simplifying and enhancing the overall learning experience. It makes the learning process more interactive and engaging.

ICEBERG is an Educational ERP system designed to integrate the main functional areas of an organization’s business processes into a unified system.

Our Services

Rich Content Development

With a resolution to work as enablers for the reformation of education, we have been instrumental in bringing large amounts of industry-relevant, emerging technology-driven content to higher education.

Curriculum Workshops

These are conducted to design and develop the courseware relevant to the market trends by the team of industry veterans and Subject matter experts. The content developed will be aligned to industry expectations.

Train The Trainer (T3)

We provide an effective training capability through our well-recognized industry-certified trainers. Rich experiential training on various tools offered. raining can be provided in a hybrid model or F2F model.

Webinars or Seminars

A virtual/physical/hybrid interactive session conducted by an Industry Domain experts. We conduct webinars/Guest lectures on various emerging technologies across all the industries.

Projects and Internships

Here we provide an opportunity for students to apply the skills, theories and concepts learned. We offer Industry aligned projects on various emerging technologies and industry experts/ SMEs to guide the learners in completing their academic projects. 


A hackathon is a time-bound competitive event where participants collaborate to build proofs of concept and minimum viable products for a specific pre-defined problem or to innovate.