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I-Labs is a Cloud-based Virtual Lab Environment Solution providing the students and teachers the capability to perform labs, store results, evaluate the work and grade the work at their convenience on their own devices at their location and time.

It is very difficult to conduct real-time experiments in some specialized domain fields, which requires a sophisticated lab environment. The lack of quality and experienced teachers is another bottleneck in this regard. The virtual labs idea is to allow students to experiment using the internet and visual aids. The virtual lab program offers a unique opportunity to enhance the quality of education, deepen understanding and provide practical skills for young minds through effective outreach and distance learning activities.

Key Features

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Allows easy scaling up and down of infrastructure based on the demand. Removes the wastage of time and investments on infrastructure since it is cloud-based.

Ensures easy and limited effort changeover of software and other environmental requirements as and when the need changes.

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Provides capability to create, schedule, allocate, monitor, and grade student assignments and work.