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  • Focus–skill based education.
  • K3 < S is always the fulcrum of curriculum development.
  • Curriculum to be industry driven.
  •  Education with purpose – Providing the capability to lead life.
  • Participative learning – Students, teachers, and industry create, deliver, and innovate every aspect of learning.
  • Global expertise – Students get knowledge and skills from a global perspective through the involvement of global experts.
  •  Real-time skill imparting – Conducting workshops and industry guest lectures built and showcased by industry experts.
  •  Innovation is the key to the identification and growth of students.
At the driver seat
  •  The industry will participate in deciding, modifying the curriculum, and delivering the skills.
  •  The industry will set up the required skill-imparting facilities such as workshops, playgrounds, arenas, and stages and drive student skill growth.
  • The industry will adopt, select and support the teachers’ chairs–globally acclaimed institute experts.
  • The industry will benefit from continuous engagement with the students and get their requirements of skilled personnel and support student education at the institute for the selected students.